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Casino Battle: Foxwoods Vs. Mohegan Sun

Everyone who lives on the West Coast has Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, Reno and even Los Angeles when it comes to casino options. However, what about the people on the east coast? You might be thinking of Atlantic City. However, Atlantic City isn’t a pretty place and it’s a shell of its former self. The new casinos that opened in rural Pennsylvania are also cutting into Atlantic City profits. While most people don’t see it yet, Atlantic City is slowly turning into the cesspool of the East Coast, which will only harm New Jersey’s reputation more. If you want the best experiences for casinos on the East Coast, then you need to head to Connecticut, which is home to Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun. If you can’t make it to either casino at the present time, then consider playing here in the meantime Gaming Club playing online is a great way to hone your skills for the playing floor.

Foxwoods Palace

Foxwoods Casino

Foxwoods Casino

These two casinos are only seven miles apart. If you’re heading north on I-95, you will see signs for Foxwoods. Believe it or not, those signs are taking you several miles out of the way. The reason for this is because the shortest way to Foxwoods requires passing Mohegan Sun. These two casinos are fierce competitors, which explains the detour. For the best route to Foxwoods, take the route past Mohegan Sun.

When you approach Foxwoods, it’s one of the greatest moments in your life. Out of nowhere, you spot a grandiose, castle-like structure in the middle of the Connecticut woods. Your adrenaline begins to flow and you’re ready to hit the tables. However, is Foxwoods really that great? The good news is that the employees are excellent; they’re knowledgeable and friendly. More good news is that the amount of gaming options is incredible. After all, this is the largest casino in the world. The bad news is that if you’re expecting something that even closely resembles a Vegas casino on the inside, you will be disappointed. Foxwoods is literally set up like a mall. Instead of stores, you can visit different gaming rooms. Some people like this, but most people hate it. The ambiance is seriously lacking. To make matters worse, they moved their poker room from the scenic second floor to the basement.

Mohegan Sun Tower

Mohegan Sun Tower

Mohegan Sun Tower: Win Big on the Floor

Mohegan Sun isn’t as appealing from the outside – it’s a simple tower – but it blows away Foxwoods on the inside. Aside from the Borgata in Atlantic City, this is the only Vegas-style casino on the east coast. When you’re inside, you feel relaxed, which has a lot to do with the earthy tones that can’t be found everywhere. Since this casino is really a large circle, making your way around is incredibly easy. The food here is also worlds better than the food at Foxwoods. The poker room is gorgeous, but getting a table isn’t easy during peak hours.

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