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Can The Credit Crunch Affect Your Relationship?

credit crunch

Well, this really depends on how strong they were to begin with. If your relationship had “money problem” before the recession hit, then yes, the credit crunch may affect your relationship badly.

If your relationship was only based on money and not the real thing, then maybe too the credit crunch might be your testing ground.

It all depends on your value system. Money is only good for what it can do, and if your relationship is based on love, no matter how difficult the credit crunch gets you battle it out together.

Being together should mean more than how much money you have, can have and should have. If you discuss all money matters with your partner, and come to an agreement on how the money coming in should be handled, and before spending any money think twice and have your partners agreement on the purchase, then you should not have any relationship problems in the credit crunch, as your relationship will and should last through the good and the bad years.

Whereas the opposite is also true, if you had no money problems before the credit crunch, the credit crunch might affect your relationships badly, especially if you have lost a lot of your ‘money you had’ and now have to eke out a living.

The Positives in the Credit Crunch

It has made some people realise how lucky they were before the crunch hit, when they complained that they never had this, or that, or why is he driving a Ferrari when I can only drive a BMW 4 sports model.

This same person might now be driving a simple little petrol saver, and let’s hope he is thanking his lucky stars he has that little petrol saver. He should be thankful he still has a car.

The ‘things’ such as material things that were so important to so many people, are now worthless, compared to having enough money to buy food, having a job, and being able to support yourself, even if it is at a much lower standard than you were used to, be thankful that you can still earn some money, that you have a job, as millions have lost theirs, with no hope of recovering anything similar. Be thankful you have a job.

The credit crunch has made a lot of people more flexible, and the lucky ones who saw this coming and prepared for it by honing up on skills that are not dependant on ‘going to work’ for a company or outside boss, as with their extra skill, they can work from home anywhere anytime, and for a hundred different companies if they wanted to, if they own a laptop, have an internet connection and can write.

Find your ‘special talent’ and use it in these tough times. Now might be the time to take that leap of faith and do what you love, it will stop you worrying about the credit crunch. Be thankful you have a talent which you can use to earn money.

The Negatives in the Credit Crunch

It has gone on too long, and seems never-ending, but thankfully, nothing lasts forever.

Where will your relationship be in two years time? Can you weather the storm together? If you come through together, you will both be stronger for it.

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  1. As per as i concern my relationship, money never came in between me and my partner…. So i can say that it is not so, where credit crunch affect our relationship.. It depends upon the mutual understanding..

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