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A Bear Crawling Obstacle Course

bear crawl

I live a different kind of lifestyle.  And no, that has nothing to do with my sexuality.  And no, I don’t expect you to care about my personal life.

But it is relevant to you, in that I found a great way to target your upper body, using nothing more than the stuff you already have lying around.

See, I was out in my yard waiting for someone the other day, and I got bored.  And fortunately, this time my axe was safely stowed in the shed.

No threat to my homeowner’s insurance here.  But as you probably do not know, I have lots of logs and stumps in my yard – it’s a lifestyle choice, respect it.

Being the type who likes to mix up my workouts, I decided to see how far I could get in pushup position.  Putting my feet up on my porch, I did a brief set of pushups.  Crawling to a nearby stump and putting my hands on it (feet on the ground), I did another short set.  After only that many, my muscles were starting to burn.

I hit muscle failure after less than four sets.  Either I’d gone all sissy, or I’d stumbled on a good idea.  Try this out:

1. Find six stable objects that are at least 8 inches high.

2. Arrange them in a line, so that you can crawl from one to the next.

3. Starting with your feet on one of these objects, do a short set of pushups (say, 10).

4. Crawl a little ways, so that you can put your hands on another raised object, and do another set.

5. Continue crawling and doing your sets until you hit muscle failure.

By basically doing a super set that works both your upper and lower chest (as well as most of your lats), you can get your upper body cooked in a hurry.  And on top of the pushups themselves, remember that the crawling means you aren’t “just resting” in between sets.

I’d like to know how far you guys can get with this “bear crawling obstacle course.”  Am I a wimp?

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Written by onehodge

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