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Motivational Quote: “Be Unique & Be Yourself”

being unique

“Your Significance Is not In Your Similarity To Another But In Your Point Of Difference From Another”- Mike Murdock

I want you to ponder from that statement up there. It is true right? what if everyone was the same? we look alike, we sound similar to one another  & everyone is just the same. Wouldn’t that be boring? Seeing & hearing the same stuff all over again and again every single day.

We must learn how to appreciate ourselves and stop citing out what’s wrong with us. Beating yourself up with mean degrading words will not help you at all.  I know that sometimes when we look in the mirror we don’t usually like what we are seeing but you just have accept your self for who you are.

There is only one you so make the best out of it! It may not be easy to do the “loving yourself part” but you need to now, I’m not saying that you have to be narcissism, what I mean, is you have to see that you are something special and is worthy to receive of every good thing! Have the confidence to show the world what you’ve got! Stop try to be just like everyone else, be unique and be different.

Sometimes they take the word “Different” to be such a bad thing when this word makes you stand out from everybody else! If every people in this world just recognize how beautifully they are made then the whole people residing in this planet will be  happy! Do not let the negative comments of others affect you. You have to decide not to be like the rest of them.

You posses something that will make someone happy in this earth and that is yourself or your whole being!So, smile and be happy for you are unique! Start enjoying your life by liking yourself and accepting it, if want to change then change for the better and not for the worst.The decision is all up to you! Be optimistic and love the life that God has given you and don’t be all grumpy waking up in the morning! Be thankful for  “YOU”.

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