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Barnes & Noble Joins the Club of eReader Apps For Apple iPad

barnes and noble readerRecently, Barnes & Noble introduced an eReader for the Ipad but this is not that the first app to read ebooks. At least, it’s free to download from the Apple App Store and we all know people love free stuffs.

Barnes & Noble eReader is capable of sharing ebooks across platforms which the Amazon Kindle lacks, page customizations, and text editing that include spacing, page margins, text highlighting.

The eReader also includes a dictionary, an integrated search engine (Google and Wikipedia), and library display options.

If you have more than one mobile device, you can shuffle your contents in the master electronic library which is pretty unique. They even added this theme customization feature that lets you change your current theme depending on your mood.

Also, the LendMe sharing feature has a 14-day period to access the other users’ contents. The sharing feature also allows the reader to sync the mobile device to the PC to read the last page they just read. All contents can be purchased directly from the iPad using the Barnes & Noble eReader.

Soon, sharing feature will just be a basic content of the future apps to be developed for the iPad, iPad touch or iPhone. Though, I must say if Amazon Kindle has the sharing feature, in my opinion there will be no point on downloading this eReader app.

But hey, developers keep on designing new improved apps so who knows what will be the next popular app to be recognized. Since, we are talking about cash and competition.

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