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Badminton – Not Just a Girly Sport


Your semi athletic girlfriend decides you’re going to play badminton. Opting to remain quiet and deciding to go along with her fun little game – you help her set up the net outside in the yard.

She tells you that she used to play this game in college and she was pretty good back then. You nod, thinking you’re going to appease her, smiling calmly, taking this like a man who is trying to please his girl.

You stand there looking at the net and the thin, smaller sized racquet, thinking that the birdie is rather cute.

You gently lob the birdie across the net, allowing it to float in the air.  It dances with slowness on the air currents, you’re being kind to your girlfriend, trying to find that peaceful equilibrium of calmness – and are completely shocked at the speedy delivery return that almost takes out your eye.

You look at your girl across the net and see an evil smirk on her face. Your brain tries to register what just happened.  So you pick up the birdie again – and gently lob it across the net – your competitive nature causing you  to watch exactly what she does when she goes to return it to you.

In the blink of an eye, she practically stuffs it down your throat.

This is not the badminton that you thought it was.

Badminton has recently had an upswing in popularity across the United States.

Many people were unaware of this game until the recent Olympics televised the Badminton singles and doubles matches – which were very exciting. The game is fast paced, extremely competitive and quite fun to participate in.

This isn’t the game of small children tossing a birdie into the air and trying to hit it – this is a game of precision and eloquently orchestrated movement.

And with a little skill and practice, you can become proficient in this game over a summer. USA BADMINTON website offers excellent RULES and resources for those who are more interested in learning the game completely – as well as providing an excellent view into the current US teams who are competing this year.

The financial investment to start the game is significantly lower than golfing and other sports – so now would be a good time to get acquainted with the rules and start making plans on how to finally defeat your smirking girlfriend. You certainly don’t want your buddies seeing her make you look like a wimp on the court.

Besides – the game is fun for entire families making it an ideal game to bring to picnics and barbecues over the summer months.


Written by:        Meki Cox

Twitter ID:        @_lyricsexpress_

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