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Must-have Laptop Accessories

With tablet computers receiving most of the praises and attention lately, laptops are still one of the top gadgets one should buy. Just like the wide variety of accessories for mobile phones, laptops also have their own market for add-ons. They have their own cons compared to full-fledged desktop computers. Here are some accessories to […]

Top 5 Music Phones

Music Phones are supposed to deliver better than average sound quality than most phones. They don’t need to be touchscreen-capable or having an excellent camera. As long as they can deliver great music with or without headphones and can sync with your needs, definitely you won’t need to buy an iPod or Sony Walkman for […]

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 – Simply Stylish

Women aren’t the only ones who has the ‘style’ factor in everything they own, guys too – with their mobile phones at least. Though every guy has their own preference in phones, I bet their are some out there who chooses elegance along with usability. Sony Ericsson’s new smartphone, Xperia X10, just delivers that. Xperia […]

Green Gadgets – Cool Green Gadgets For Your Daily Use

Green products seem to get the attention of most consumers these days as a lot of them become more useful and affordable. With such gizmos, not only can we reduce those carbon thingies we’re not even aware of (most of us), but also we can save a lot of money as we use them. Surely […]

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