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Another 3 Ways to Enjoy The Weather This Summer

Just get outside and enjoy the sun, before you know it Fall will be rolling around the corner and winter soon to follow

4 Tips to Help Maximize Results at the Gym

Most people love going to the gym that do workout on a regular basis, or else they would not force themselves to go, right? Well sometimes working out at the gym can become a chore and slimming your time down can be one of the better ways to reinvent and re-energize yourself to continue going. […]

2 Exciting Adventure Vacation Ideas

A lot of guys love going on vacation, heck everyone does. But sometimes you need to find some real excitement on vacation. While some people prefer to relax and lay out on the beach, some people would rather go sky diving or do other adventure sports. I am going to give you two, awesome, and […]

Great Cheap Date Ideas

A lot of guys stress out when it comes to going on dates with girls. Whether you are in a relationship or not, going on a date is an important part of your relationship with that woman.

Backup Your Laptop Online

I think it is safe to say that most of us have laptops now-a-days. I think everyone I know except my brother has a laptop over a desktop, and the only reason he doesn’t is because he likes to tinker with his PC box.

Time to Bring the Handkerchief Back

I have been attempting for the last several years to bring the hankie back. So far it has been unsuccessful and I think maybe my public outcry here will persuade at least one person. PLEASE! Seriously, think of the children. Just kidding, but really, what is the point of a hankie? Well basically it is […]

Being a Gentleman, Less Overrated Than You Think

A lot of men these days (me being one of them) probably feel like being a gentleman is overrated. If you don’t think that, you might not even consider trying to be a gentleman because the world is changing and women are strong and independent and want nothing to do with a man that tries […]

Get Your Work Done, Enjoy The Rewards

Whether you work from home or for a major corporation, there is no reason to not get your work done. Sure there are plenty of distractions in the office, office buddies, politics, or just the good old internet. At home, your distractions are limitless. You can leave home and go somewhere, you can take a […]

Using a Mac Mini as a Multimedia PC

The Mac Mini is one of the best multimedia devices you can buy on the market today. The ability to easily plug a Mac Mini into your HDTV in your living room or theatre room is an interesting proposition and can make for a great media experience. First Things First I learned this the hard […]

Clean Your Apartment Already

Having a clean living area is a huge pet peeve of mine, if my room is messy I do not do anything else until it is cleaned and organized. That is just me and maybe a sliver of OCD, however that doesn’t leave you out of this. Whether you live on your own, with your […]

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