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Reasons Men Say No to First Date Sex

You’ve taken her out to dinner. You’ve paid for the entire date. Now it’s time to either let her go into her house alone or try to go in with her. But for some reason your guts are telling you “NO!” Yet, your hormones and your buddies back at the club are telling you to […]

Kelsey Grammer, Corbin Bleu & Impulse Magazine Help With CHARITY for Partners In Action

Rabiah Coon and Meki Cox (Lyrics Express) – July 29, 2010 Impulse Magazine is proud to announce the upcoming Charity Event taking place – requesting viewers to please tune in to and join on this “Child-A-Thon” coming up from Partners In Action. Partners In Action and TODHD are teaming up for a live web broadcast […]

Impulse Interview with Al King – GoGettaz Entertainment, Inc.

Mr. Al King Entertainment Manager (President and CEO) for GoGettaz Entertainment, Inc., Entrepreneur, Licensed Realtor and personal friend to Tracy Morgan. A driven man – driven to succeed and to promote those around him to succeed, both in life and in the Entertainment Industry. Meeting Mr. King is like meeting a man who is energized, […]

Vitamins – Are They REALLY Good For You?

Men are buying health supplements left and right off of the store shelves and purchasing special online formulations in order to remain healthy or prevent disease. But recent studies have shown that vitamins may not be the miracle answer that  everyone thinks they might be. While a multivitamin might help those who are not eating […]

What To Do When You Have NO Money and NO Job

In this economy there have been a lot of people who have been displaced by the housing bust or have lost their jobs. People are affected everywhere. Radio stations are closing – filing for bankruptcy, airlines are filing for bankruptcy… People have lost their homes and their financial incomes. So chances are you or someone […]

Making Your Dollar Stretch

Chances are, you are like everyone else and feeling the crunch of the current economy. Now is the time to start finding ways to make your dollar stretch even further. We’ve compiled a list of ways to make your money last – organized by type of activity. FOOD AND GROCERY SHOPPING Buy Fresh Vegetables and […]

Interview – Jay Link Singer From Death and Taxes

Meki Cox (Lyrics Express) – Interview WITH JAY LINK – Singer from DEATH & TAXES Jay Link is the singer for LA Based Hard Rock Band DEATH & TAXES – but he’s so much more than “just” a singer/songwriter! He’s also an Indie Actor, Comedian, a Twitter Celebrity and just recently a host for ROCK […]

Snyder Believes He Can Save the World with Algae

Discussion with Matt Snyder – Humanity article for Impulse Magazine – People who want to change the world Journalist – Rabiah Coon —- When Matt Snyder began work on a bioremediation project in 2001, he arrived in Lake Elsinore ready to solve yet another problem. As was typical in his career, he was hired not […]

Impulse Interview – Annette Martin – Psychic

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ImpulseMagazine 10-Q with Amazing Psychic Annette Martin +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ You’ve seen her on 48 hours, Psychic Detective,  Good Morning America,  ABC, The Discovery Channel, CBS, The Montel Williams Show and so many other places. You’ve watched as she has helped law enforcement solve seemingly impossible crimes. She has been a driving force in the radio […]


Press – Meki Cox (Lyrics Express)  – July 5, 2010 Not every online publication speaks the truth or cares about how what they write  could possibly affect the celebrities that they are writing about.  Some magazines carefully craft insidious stories bordering on the line of truth – and slipping into the darkness of malicious rumors. […]

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