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Grilled Game Hen Recipe

Are you looking for a new dish this week? Or could it be that your family is visiting you this weekend and you don’t know what to prepare for them. Well you  prayer has been answered now! This dish is tasty & delicious that your family will surely like. Now this may take some time […]

Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

The best sweet treat you can give to someone who is need of energy! It is also been said that this can mend a broken heart since this contains chocolate. OK enough with the drama! This is probably the most easiest way way to create a very tasty triple Chocolate chip cookie because with this […]

Healthy Homemade Burger Buns Recipe

Ok, so we all know that white bread is bad for you and most of the health conscious people does not eat this instead they prefer consuming wheat bread which is  healthier to eat. But I was thinking why not make your very own bread instead of buying a processed bread right? So, that by […]

Crispy Onion Rings Recipe

This is one the Asian’s favorite past time to eat whether may it be serve in rice or just simply for a little snack.  You can even use this as an appetizer before eating your meal. Onion is healthy and is definitely good for you and for your voice, so singers rejoice now! Very simple, […]

Cool Tops & Jeans For Men Under $20

Firstly, I know that for you guys it’s hard to find clothes here online.  You can barely find really good ones to buy those really cool clothes.  Just take this as a good example. A man going in an unfamiliar mall to buy some good stuff for him, he then asked a sales lady he […]

Sungha Jung on Youtube

He is one talented Korean kid I tell ya! Seriously, his parents must be so proud of him, he’s the kind of person that you can say, “He was born to be a Guitar Player”. I bet when he was still inside his mother’s belly he was already assigned that as soon as he get’s […]

How to Make Money Online in a Legit Way

This is a very interesting subject to all the people out there who are in desperate need of extra cash. I know that everyone needs money it is basically an essential necessity in our daily lives. You may be a high school student who is saving up for college, a work at home dad or […]

Healthy Avocado Chicken Salad Recipe

This is one of the healthiest meal that you can prepare for yourself and for your family. Also, if you are trying to shed off some weight then this is perfect to eat and is way easy to prepare and it will not consume much of your time because all you have to do is […]

Motivational Quote: “Be Unique & Be Yourself”

“Your Significance Is not In Your Similarity To Another But In Your Point Of Difference From Another”- Mike Murdock I want you to ponder from that statement up there. It is true right? what if everyone was the same? we look alike, we sound similar to one another  & everyone is just the same. Wouldn’t […]

Get Rid Of Your Acne Scars Dude

I know you are embarrassed and kind of insecure of that hideous and unpleasant to look at acne scar that you’ve been finding solutions for years. You’ve been switching form one product to another product just to somewhat get of it but yet it still doesn’t work for you. You have to be careful when […]

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