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Come on, Shy Guy!

Before summoning up the courage to talk to a girl and flirt with her..

Know Your Body Systems that Work as You Box

Boxing is a long-established sport where two contenders aim to land as much powerful punches as they can on their opponent within the two to three minute round inside the ring. It requires the skills in throwing and receiving punches, good body coordination and high tolerance to pain. Due to its intense high physical demand, […]

The Benefits of Biking for Working Men

Keeping fit these days is such a Herculean feat, especially if you are a working guy who’s tied to a nine to five desk job five days a week. To add to that, it surely doesn’t help that you usually end up grabbing lunch or dinner at a fast food joint, which then adds a […]

So You Want To Be A Supportive Boyfriend?

Let’s face it. Sometimes, women can tend to be a bit needy. Though, in their defense, women want their men to pay more attention to them and what’s happening to their lives. One thing that they surely need for their man is for him to be there when she needs her the most. Being a […]

Getting The Perfect Gift For Your Girl

May it be Valentines, her birthday, Christmas, your anniversary or any sort of occasion there is, getting a gift for your girl is surely one hell of a Herculean task. You want to give the perfect gift but you’re worried that she might not like it, it might not be her style, it may not […]

Top 5 Movies She Will Adore

Guys dig films. Chicks love flicks. So you date her in the movies because typically, the widescreen sets a more romantic mood for the two of you. But more often than not, guys and chicks do not like the same movie titles. When you are out in the movies with a girl, chick flicks are […]

Virtual Varieties of Men’s Jewelry

Nowadays, jewelry has not only been associated with women’s fashion but also with men’s too. Men can now be spotted displaying the latest trends in fashion by using pieces of jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, watches, and rings that are not only made from gold and silver, but also those that are containing stones […]

A Post Workout Guide to Eating

After a muscle-pumping session at the gym, your body is surely all hyped up with endorphins and your stomach, asking to be fed. However, a lot of men make a lot of wrong, post-workout meal decisions and binge eat. They quickly get their hands on an oily cheeseburger, a bucket of chicken wings and an […]

Creative Dating Tips for Men: A Romantic Surprise Dinner

The usual dinner-movie date has started to become too boring, too predictable and too overrated. You can feel sparks starting to die down and its panic time. A secret weapon you should know about is that you can cook your way to a girl’s stomach. Man up and prepare a romantic dinner at your place […]

Cute Pet Names for Your Girlfriend

Pet names are a sign of endearment. If you don’t have a pet name for your girlfriend or wife then it’s high time you have one. Pet names show the closeness of your relationship. It is another way of saying I love you. Now we all know the common pet names such as honey or […]

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