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2012 European Music Festival Rumors

Here is a breakdown of some of those festivals and their already released rumors of attending artists.

Its time to start jumping again.

As spring has set into full effect and my winter doldrums are slowly fading away, I find myself already planning for the summer.

The Skyliners & Flight of the Frenchies

You’ll be on the edge of your seat, holding your breath as you witness what they get up to high above the world in places of astounding beauty

Sentinel Dive Rebreather

Separable into several pieces, the Sentinel Diving Rebreather uses a 2 litre 02 cylinder with a 3 litre 300-bar dilutent cylinder.

Clear Blue Hawaii Molokini 2

The two-passenger Molokini kayak is built from unmatchable polycarbonate material, used in the production of bulletproof glass and fighter jet canopies.

Triumph Scrambler

Triumph Scrambler, combines minimal Britishness via a careful paint job from 8up Kustoms with a powerful 865cc engine.

Peugeot Dl122 Urban Bicycle Concept

DL 122 Urban Bicycle Concept make things easy for urban cyclists, and bike commuters. The DL 122 Bike includes a laptop/briefcase holder on the frame

Muramasa VIII Stainless Headphones

Final Audio Design, the Japanese headphone brand have recently released a pair of headphones to be of envy of all.

Tag Lux Phone, Swiss bliss in a SmartPhone

TAG Heuer, Swiss luxury watchmaker, now approach another medium – the SmartPhone

Chris Welsh’s Voyage into Unknown Depths

If you’re looking for an accomplished entrepreneur come adventurer, you don’t have to look much farther than in the direction of a gentleman called Chris Welsh.

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