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Embrace it. You Are a Fixer Upper.

One of the big things men don’t seem to understand about women is that we pick you knowing full well what we’re going to change about you as soon as we get the opportunity.

Do you have a type? Should you have one?

Some men readily admit to having a type. For example, I have male friends who say they are really attracted to blonds. I have another friend who says it’s a certain build that draws his attention. But more commonly, my friends tell me their “type” is more tied to personality than anything else. For example, […]

To Be or Not to Be is that the Real Question?

In today’s convoluted world of dating, it’s hard to know what your role is supposed to be. Conventional wisdom says that a man needs to be a “man’s man,” show no emotion, be alpha men. But if you peruse the covers of popular women’s magazines, you’ll see headlines about how you’re supposed to be sensitive […]

The myth of the nice guy

A lot of men complain that women dump them or won’t date them because they’re the “nice guy.” These men claim that women really want to date “bad boys” or jerks. The bulk of women will tell you that they want a nice guy and they can’t ever meet one. Someone must be lying, right? […]

Strong, Silent Type?

A lot of men want to be the strong, silent type, which is fine. Except that a lot of men seem confused about exactly what the strong silent type is. Many of my male friends–and men I’ve dated–mistakenly believe that being the “strong, silent type” means that you can’t ever reveal your feelings, or admit […]

Girls and Football

Here’s a shocker for you: I hate sports. I’m sorry. But I do. The problem for me is this: it’s just so artificial. No, really. It is. I mean, in real life there is no ref. There is no flag on the play. In real life, if someone is chasing you and they pull you […]

The “perfect” first date???

A lot of men worry about taking a woman on a first date with a woman they’re really interested in. So a question I get a lot is ‘what is a perfect first date?’ The answer is pretty simple: there isn’t one. Well, at least, there isn’t a universal one. For me? Some of the […]

What do Women Want?

“What do women want?” That’s a question many men I know I ask me. I always explain that I couldn’t possibly answer that since it would violate the code. I mean, do you want me to lose my girl-card? When they press me, I have to give an honest answer. The answer is twofold. First, […]

“Oh, I’m not looking for a relationship either…”

You did everything right. You were honest and upfront about who you were and what you wanted. You told her as soon as you met and sparks started to fly that you were not her White knight. You said it loud and clear: “I’m not really looking for a relationship right now.” And then she […]

A Study: The Effects of Relativity on the Dating Population

Our subjects: the American Male and Female. It has often been observed that time has a way of bending itself to suit the needs of the person who is most busy indulging him or herself while the other agonizingly awaits. Have you ever been waiting patiently while your girlfriend gets herself ready to go out […]

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