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The Best Whiskeys in the World

There are so many whiskeys in the world and tastes can vary from region to region since whiskey are made in more 15 different countries, each with their own special style. Given this variety, it is better to evaluate whiskeys based on how they are made, which in this particular article, will focus on the […]

Review of the Magic of Making Up Here is the case where the counselor meets the internet. For those of us who were weaned on the net it was bound to happen. Actually in the case of the Magic of Making Up, it’s more like marriage counselor in a box. So what is this program all about? It’s all about avoiding […]

20 Innovative Car Accessories

For a lot of men, the car is an extension of themselves and their homes. Aside from the pride many of us take in our rides, the fact is, we spend a lot of time in our cars. So here are 20 innovative car accessories that can go a long way in enhancing your vehicle […]

Top 5 Vodka’s and How They Were Selected

Selecting the very best vodka in the world sounds like one hot job which many people are sure to volunteer for. But this is not as easy as it looks because reviewing such products call for some standards to be observed to ensure that the evaluation is fair. In fact, many have considered the vodka […]

3 Of The Best Computer Chairs

The computer chair was seldom the focus of too much concern in the past. However, with increasing numbers of people working longer hours, even spending their whole working day at their computer, there is a strong demand for ergonomic, comfortable computer chairs. The primary reason why most people commence shopping for a high end computer […]

What Nuts Go Good With Beer?

Any beer drinkers worth their salt will say that the question of what goes well with beer is only significant for the first six pack of beers. After that, just about anything is good. That’s not meant as a derogatory comment about the beer nor the food. It merely emphasizes the fact that beer tends […]

What Are the Top 5 Cars That Attract Women?

Let’s get one thing straight. This list is all about the types of cars that we men drive, which girls like. These cars are at the top of the women’s list and definitely on top of our list as well. Yes they are cars that most of us will probably not own in our lifetime […]

Top 3 Banned Documentaries

The internet revolutionized the dissemination of information. All of a sudden there were no borders to stop the distribution of information and it became increasingly harder for individuals or even entire countries to cover up information. The online world is now privy to large databanks of information that was previously available only to a select […]

How Can You Learn To Make Cocktails?

One of the things men like to have in their pad is a bar. There’s something about sitting there on the high stools, surrounded by all those bottles and glasses, that alters the ambiance of the place. Be warned though, that when you have guests over, you better have a bartender on call, or be […]

10 Hilarious TV Commercials

Who says you need to watch the boob tube to get entertainment. YouTube has a lot of crazy, funny or stupid depending on what your interests are. You could literally spend one whole week surfing YouTube and never have to watch the same stuff. It’s so full of content and entertainment. To start you off […]

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