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3 Apple iPad Games That You Might Like

The iPad is a great device for everything, really. It is a great browser, media player, movie screen, and productivity gadget, but most of all this thing is suited for games.

Gaming on the iPad was a no brainer, with the success of the iPod Touch and iPhone for gaming, Apple knew that they could make the iPad a killer gaming device. Especially with the extra horsepower that the special A4 chip provides, the iPad is able to give great gaming performance on such a small device.

There is three games so far that have really stuck out for me when playing on the iPad, they are We Rule by NG Moco, Pinball HD, and Plants vs. Zombies HD.

We Rule

We Rule iPad Game
We Rule is a game much like Farmville on Facebook, with a more medieval twist, probably to avoid confusion and blatant copying of Farmville. However, this free game does deliver a great experience on the iPad for those wanting to be farmers in the 1300’s. You create a castle, build homes, farms, mines, schools, etc. You can then plant food in those farms and grow it, if you wait to long the crop goes bad and you become very poor.

It is fun to play, but the obligation to the game wears on you unless you are really dedicated to it. If you want to be fully engaged in a game – pick up We Rule. You will not be disappointed.

Pinball HD

The Pinball HD Game For iPad
It’s pinball, in High Def! Pinball HD is a combination of a few iPhone games all thrown into one mega game with multiple tables for a messily price of $2.99. The games were the best Pinball games on the iPhone and this is THE game to have on the iPad right now.

The international scoreboard will drive you crazy trying to achieve a score of 400 million, but move on pinball soldier, you can do it!

Plants Vs. Zombies HD

plants vs. zombies ipad game
Just what you want, right? High Def Zombies trying to cross your field when all you have are some stupid plants to try and stop them from killing you. Sounds like a disaster, doesn’t it?

Well, it isn’t, it is probably one of the best indie video games of all times, coming from the PC, to the iPhone, and now the iPad. Plants vs. Zombies HD is a great choice, albeit expensive at $9.99.

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