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Amp Up Your Watersports with WaveJet


The WaveJet is on the cusp of changing the way we view and play water sports, increasing the speed and the thrill of everything from surfing to kayaking. The WaveJet is a lithium-battery powered device that can be attached to your surfboard, boat, or scuba diving fin, and works to propel the user through the water, up to four times faster than they would normally move. This ability can help surfers reach waves they might otherwise not be able to paddle to in time, and it can help kayaks, canoes, and scuba divers cover more ground in a shorter period of time.



The device is easy to transfer from one watercraft to another, and is controlled by a light, waterproof device that resembles a wristwatch.  Though it increases the speed and excitement of many water sports, the WaveJet is also incredibly safe, as it will turn off the instant that the person wearing the controller falls from a boat or is disconnected from a surfboard.


Moreover, it also improves the safety of many water sports activities overall, preventing users from being swept away by strong currents. Want to feel the ‘adrenaline rush’? Get it on and hit the water in style.



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