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A Post Workout Guide to Eating

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After a muscle-pumping session at the gym, your body is surely all hyped up with endorphins and your stomach, asking to be fed. However, a lot of men make a lot of wrong, post-workout meal decisions and binge eat.

They quickly get their hands on an oily cheeseburger, a bucket of chicken wings and an upsized soda guiltlessly since they did workout previously, after all.

But then, that kind of ideology and practice just defeats the purpose of working out. Knowing the right kind of food to eat after a workout is crucial in maintaining your fit (or soon to be fit) body.

Exercise can tend to strain out your muscles and damage some muscle tissues. After a workout, it is a must that you replenish your body with proteins, carbohydrates and liquids.

Studies have even claimed that you may suffer from fat free mass loss, muscle loss and a lowered metabolism if you fail to eat a good, high-caliber post workout meal.

The sooner you can eat or drink after a workout, the better, ideally within 30 minutes to an hour when your muscles are the most responsive. Within that time frame, your body works wonders, and is able to store good protein and glucose.

Rehydrating your body plays an important role in replenishing your tired body. No, do not touch a bottle of beer or a soda, but water. Drink at least three glasses of water to cool your body down.

Other drink alternatives are milk, yogurt and sports drinks. Make yourself a quick fruit smoothie (banana is a good choice because it is fortified with magnesium and potassium).

Protein is the main star in your post work out meal, because proteins contain amino acids that are in charge of repairing damaged muscle and tissues. But, do remember that in choosing your source of protein, do not opt for the fatty kind.

That means no to deep fried chicken wings for now. A good, low-fat and high protein meat is fish. Salmon and tuna are some of the kinds of fish that are ideal for this job.

You may lightly season and steam them along with some vegetables. Dairy products such as milk, cheese and eggs are good protein sources.

Loading up on carbohydrates can also be helpful after a power work out. Carbohydrates are in charge of replenishing your muscle-glycogen levels.

So, how do you combine everything up in an ideal, post work out meal? A good sandwich is a great start.

The bread will provide the carbohydrates, while you can fill it up with lean chicken meat or a salmon fillet. Add some veggies and some cheese and drizzle some extra virgin olive oil to taste. Pair that up with a fruity smoothie and you’re good to go!

It isn’t too much of a challenge to come up with a good, post work out meal. Just know your carbohydrates, your protein, and the right liquids to intake and you’ll surely be working out your body to its tip-top shape.

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2 Comments for “A Post Workout Guide to Eating”

  1. Seb

    You are so right about your suggestions for a post workout snack. My favorite is a blend of mango juice, yoghurt, finely ground flax seed and finely ground cardamon seed. It tastes great and keeps me going in the morning ( plus a cup or two of coffee ).

  2. denimesasx

    Eat this food shortly after a workout is important, but just because you put food in your body quickly does not mean the food is actually digested and utilized by your body as quickly.

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