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6 Ways to Impress a Woman With Your Car

There seems to be a direct correlation between hot cars and hot chicks. If I was into algebra I might try to figure out some sort of formula that accounts for a horse power to bra size ratio. But screw math. According to magazines, television and the internet if you wanna get women you can’t be driving a POS.

Well here’s a hint; it takes more than just having a great car to keep a good woman. A jack ass driving a corvette is still a jack ass. And a gold digger may not care, but the rest of us do. Truth is whether you drive a Buick or a Beamer there are plenty of ways to impress a woman with your car. Yeah, you should open her door and help her hand in and out, but if you’re a smart guy, and I think you are, you can do a lot more than that.

1. Keep it Clean

I don’t care how sexy your car is on the outside, if a woman gets in and steps on old McDonald’s bags and video game mags, she’s totally grossed out. If you’re taking a woman out, do yourself a favor and take the trash out first. It’s disgusting and there’s a good chance she will infer that your house, i.e. your bedroom, looks the same. But the odds of ever getting there to find out for sure are pretty slim. It doesn’t have to be spotless, frankly that’s a little creepy too. But take a garbage bag to it and invest the $1.50 in a new air freshener too.

2. Go Green

This works particularly well with activist chicks that are slightly on the hippie side. But a social conscience is appealing to a lot of women as long as you don’t go too far with it. Hybrid cars are a little divisive among guys, it’s not quite as embarrassing as a Mini Cooper but for some men, its close. I’m not going to try to convert you. But there are compromises between the Prius and a Hummer. Any form of a more fuel efficient vehicle says “I’m not an ignorant prick”. Plus, if the cost of gas means that you can only afford a Drive-thru, you look stupid anyway.

3. Let Her Drive

Ok guys; let’s have all the women driver jokes. Are you done? Good. Now, I know we women aren’t exactly renowned for our vehicular prowess, but surprisingly most of us are fairly competent behind the wheel. And if you let us drive sometimes it’s kind of hot. Especially if you let us drive your car. I’ll wait for you to stop laughing. Now, think about it. Giving her keys to your car, when you’re not hammered, is a sign of trust and respect. Women love that crap. And if you have a chance to teach a girl how to drive stick, there’s a good chance she’ll want go home and drive your…uh, well, you get it.

4. Keep Your Perspective

So if you let her drive your car and god forbid something goes wrong make sure your first concern is for her safety and not your paint job. Granted, if she’s calling you she’s clearly still alive, but probably shaken up. So bite your tongue, you’ll be able to inspect the damage later. That’s what insurance is for remember? On the regular days, try not to use more terms of endearment for your car than her. Don’t make her feel like second fiddle to your transportation. As expensive or amazing as it is, it’s still only a machine. And if you spend too much time adoring and polishing your car, it won’t be the only thing you’re polishing on your own.

5. Drive Safely

Don’t kill us. That’s a total turn off. Seriously, there’s nothing erotic about head trauma. You think we love it when you open her up to “see what she can do”.  But if you make me piss myself in fear on the way to dinner the night is pretty much ruined. You don’t have to drive like somebody’s grandmother, just be reasonable. Don’t take corners on two wheels or challenge the laws of physics on exit ramps. I mean, I suppose there are some women who get off on reckless driving. But I believe they also like base jumping and crystal meth. Just saying.

6. Be Her DD

Speaking of safety, drinking and driving is stupid and dangerous. And there’s nothing attractive about a DWI, for you or for her. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t drive her anywhere after drinking too much. But you can totally be her hero if you become her DD. She’ll be shocked and impressed when you offer to drive her to and from girl’s night. Yeah I know it means a sober night for you but I’m sure you’ll survive. If you’re willing to giver her and her friends a safe ride home, you will be her knight in shining armor in your metal horse. And everybody knows that the hero always gets laid.

When I told a guy friend I was writing this article he suggested a “TV in the head-rest” as one of my “ways”. Typical dude, he didn’t quite get it. Yes, a fancy car with fancy toys and gadgets can be fascinating. For like an hour or even a night. But if you want to hold on to a “keeper” actions speak louder than car payments. It’s not the size or shape of your car that matters; it’s how you use it that counts.

Jade is a frequent writer for uShip and online market place for freight loads and car shipping. Jade is a freelance writer and blogger with a background in online marketing Oh, and she totally knows how to drive a stick.

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  3. those are sure a know out! you'll sweep her off her feet

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