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5 Wicked Men Urban T Shirts 2012

If you live an urban lifestyle, you want to have a wardrobe to match. These 5 Wicked Urban T-shirts can help you stay comfortable while you show off your style. Each one makes a statement with its bold design, deep contrasts and unique detailing.

Jimi Hendrix Headline T Shirt


The Jimi Hendrix Headline T-Shirt from Urban Profile  features a striking black and white print of music legend Jimi Hendrix, closing his eyes as he strums a sweet tune on his electric guitar. He is standing between newspaper headlines of the past, celebrating the music revolution he helped create. The guitar look as if it is three dimensional. It stands out from the rest of the design, looking almost real enough to touch.
Bob Marley-Concrete Jungle

Bob Marley - Concrete Jungle

Urban Profile’s Bob Marley-Concrete Jungle is one of its hottest products. It features an outline of the Jamaican singer-songwriter’s face, against a brick background. A splash of color against the wall, gives it an edgy, modern look. The detailing on Marley’s famous hair and face is impeccable. Even his hint of a mustache is realistic and detailed. Meanwhile, the colors against the wall are so bright and bold, that they almost seem to drip off the shirt.

Guardian Angel Tee

Guardian Angel Tee

Dr. Jay’s Guardian Angel Tee  boasts a design with intricate silver detailing, set against a black background. Words and maze-like lines spread out across the front, forming a shape that resembles angel’s wings. The back, too, is covered with almost gothic looking detailing, giving this shirt a hip, dark look.


Bunny T-Shirt

Deltra Tribe’s Delta Bunny T Shirt gives darkness a softer edge. It features an 80’s rave style print shirt, displaying a human skull with bunny ears and an angular bow tie. The skull is set against a cloudy gray background that is marked with crosses that give it a little bit of a Blair Witch Project feel.

Dead State

Dead State t- shirt

Delta Tribe’s edgiest tee, however, is its Dead State tee, which features American mascot Uncle Sam, against a flag backdrop. On the flag are the masonic eye and a dollar sign, which send a progressive message about governmental values. Uncle Sam himself is portrayed as a skeleton. His empty eyes and pointing, skeletal finger give this shirt a hardcore look.

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