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The 5 Best Headphones For Your iPod

It is generally accepted among audiophiles that stock headphones are generally meant to be replaced. While the regular headphones supplied with the Ipod and Itouch are decent, that’s just about the best that can be said for them.

You see these devices are capable of producing much better sound and when you try your devices with any one of the headphones here, you’ll never go back to stock ones again.

So here is a list of 5 headphones that rank among the very best for Ipods and Iphones, listed according to price from lowest to highest:

Best under $50

Image S2 Headphones

Image S2 Headphones

The makers of these headphones are actually Klipsch which is a legend among audiophiles.

These Klipsch in ear headphones are far superior in many ways, delivering unequaled comfort, noise isolation, musical accuracy and bass. Perhaps the biggest attraction of this set of headphones is value for money that it gives.

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Sennheiser CX 680 Adidas Ear-Canal Headphones with Volume Control

Sennheiser CX680

Sennheisers is one brand that is constantly being used as a replacement or upgrade to the stock headphones. This particular model has a special attraction for people with active lifestyles because the Sennheiser/Adidas CX 680 sports sweat-proof, noise-isolating ear-canal ‘phones deliver outstanding, high-energy stereo sound while blocking out up to 20 dB of gym noise.

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Westone 1 Earbuds

Westone 1 Earbuds

The Westone brand is an up and coming one which provides a great deal of advantages over the preceding earphone models. You have professional grade cables, light, ergonomic body and a Single balanced armature driver provides dynamic, full-range sound.

The W1 boasts of exceptional comfort and is matched only by the Westone 2, which is the dual driver version and shares the same shell and cable design.

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Westone 2 Earbuds

Westone 2 Earbuds

The new Westone 2 has the same exact casing as the Westone 1, so it will be along with the Westone 1, among the most comfortable earphones available. This model however has an additional driver which provides better bass. The Westone 2 has a blue “2” marked on the earpiece. It has the same appearance as the Westone 3 but with smaller earpieces.


Westone 3 Earphones with 3-Way Passive Crossover

Westone 3 Earphones

The Westone’s new 3 is the first true three-way earphone. It comes with balanced armature drivers and three-way crossover network which add incredible realism and punch to your listening experiences. The 3’s ergonomic fit provides unmatched comfort, outstanding sound isolation, and accurate reproduction that will satisfy the most demanding listener.

So there you have it, a selection of great headphones from one only costing just as much as a concert ticket, all the way to the best of the best which costs as much as decent netbook. But if you want to feed real music to your ears then you should replace your stock buds with one from this selection.

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