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4 Ways To Build A Massive Chest Without The Bench Press

“How much is your bench?” It’s the most asked question among male gym-goers and these days it seems like if you’re not bench pressing, you’re not really working out.

And while the bench press is a great exercise in its own right, it’s not definitely not the “king of exercises” like everyone claims it is. So here are 4 bench press alternatives to help you build a massive chest:


1) Weighted push ups

Weighted PushUps









Doing push ups with nothing with your body weight won’t do much to help you build muscle, but weighted push ups are a different story. If add weight to your push up, by either using a weighted vest or having some hold the weight on your back, then you’ll be able to build a very respectable amount of muscle in your chest.


2) Dumbbell press

Dumbell press









The dumbbell press is the dumbbell equivalent of the traditional bench press. But with the dumbbell press, you greatly reduce any risk of injury since the person can simply drop the dumbbells if they ever feel like they can’t get the weight up.


3)Incline chest dumbbell fly’s

Incline chest dumble flys










The incline dumbbell fly is a fantastic chest exercise for building strength and muscle endurance. This exercise is intense only if done in the perfect form. Be sure to start with half the weight you would with an incline dumbbell press and move your bench in front of a mirror. Again form is better than more weight with this one. As with the dumbbell press you can drop the weights if it becomes too much. However, to much weight can easily result in an injury.


4) Dips

By far my favorite way to end a chest session. I am a fan of the upright dip.

upright dip









Again I am a huge fan of form on this exercise. I always arch my back with my knees completely bent behind me. This is so that 85% of the muscle used is the chest. If you find your self in the position with your body in a straight vertical position you will have an opposite effect. You will instead end up working your shoulders and triceps. The other way to do dips is a weighted bench dip.

Weighted bench dip

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Written by Keith Lai

Keith Lai is the author of the fitness blog FitMole where busts common fitness myths and teaches people the best possible way to build their dream body.

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