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4 Far Flung Destinations for the Ultimate Stag Party

What Goes on in Vegas Stays in Vegas

What Goes on in Vegas Stays in Vegas

1. Las Vegas
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, and you’ll want it to, after a wild stag party weekend here. With loads of nightclubs and parties, high stakes gambling, top notch steakhouses and other fine dining, plus the chance to brush elbows with celebrities, it’s a recipe for a great time (even if you can’t remember it the next day). Just be sure to bring your wallet. Las Vegas is also home to the world’s largest strip club, Sapphire. Want something to do during the day besides gambling? If it’s warm enough, rent a poolside cabana at one of the many hotel pools and watch an all-day parade of women in bikinis. Or, have a helicopter fly you and your friends out to the Grand Canyon, then enjoy the aerial view of the Las Vegas Strip on the return flight. For a taste of the high life, hire a limousine to take you and your friends to and from the airport so that you arrive and leave Las Vegas in style, then skip the lines at the nightclubs and buy a VIP package that gives you exclusive VIP lounge access at the hottest clubs in Vegas.

Bangkok Thailand

Stunning Bangkok Thailand

2. Bangkok

If you’re looking for debauchery, look no further as Bangkok certainly has some of the more risqué entertainment you can find in its three red light districts. However whilst Bangkok might have a more sleazy side it isn’t just about its red light districts. Start the evening at a laid back pub or lounge, then head to one of Bangkok’s nightclubs and party the night away. Eat dinner at one of Bangkok’s world-class restaurants, dare your friends to eat something crazy like fried caterpillars or crickets as you sample the street food, or spend a day getting a ridiculously cheap massage after a long night of partying like a rock star. Experience a Muay Thai fight, take a boat ride, visit the floating markets, do some cheap shopping, or get out of the city for a day and go golfing or hit one of the surrounding beaches not far from the city.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro - Best Beaches and Big Big Parties

3. Rio de Janeiro

Gorgeous beaches, gorgeous women, and gorgeous weather all make for a perfect destination for the ultimate stag party. Relax and recuperate during the day at the famous Ipanema Beach or Copacabana Beach, or take a ride up beautiful Corcovado to see the famous Christ the Redeemer statue and an unforgettable view of the city below and Sugarloaf Mountain. Then, head out at night to one of Rio’s wild nightclubs for a memorable evening. Be sure to try Brazil’s national cocktail while you’re there, the caipirinha. If you’re into experiencing the great outdoors when you’re not partying the night away, Rio is home to world-class surfing and hiking, as well as adventure activities like parasailing or hang gliding, and there’s even a rainforest right in the middle of the city that you can tour by jeep.


Amster'damage as its known sure you know why

4. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is known as a more laid-back destination, probably due partly to the legality of marijuana, but there’s a lot more to do there than buy drugs if you head here for your stag party weekend. Try riding a beer bike around town while drinking and singing karaoke. Visit Amsterdam’s famed Red Light District, where attractions include the sex museum. If you’re still functioning after a wild night, try taking a tour of one of Amsterdam’s many breweries, listen to some live music, grab a bite to eat at one of Amsterdam’s excellent restaurants, and if all else fails, just enjoy the view of gorgeous women bicycling around town.

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