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Another 3 Ways to Enjoy The Weather This Summer

Summer is coming, trust me I know. For once this spring in Michigan I was able to get out on three consecutive days, without a jacket or anything.

The warm weather always inspires people to get more active and enjoy the sun so today I am going to give you three new ways to enjoy the summer weather this year that maybe you haven’t done in a while.

Water Skiing

water skiing
For most people, waterskiing was something they did in college or before on family vacations and haven’t touched in 5-10 years. I am no weather man but I think it’s going to be a dang nice summer for the most of the U.S of A so get out on the water and grab a set of skis and get back into waterskiing again.


When you are younger you go exploring the neighborhood forest or trees and walk everywhere you go (or ride your bike). Now that you are a busy business man and always connected it feels like if you aren’t sitting you are driving.

Get back out in nature, take a walk on a city walking path through the city or at the local park. Better yet, head out into the country and hit up a state park hiking trail and take a day and enjoy nature and relax in the sun.

Basketball/Baseball Game

baseball game
Everyone used to play pickup games of baseball or basketball at the local field when they were younger. Get some of your work friends or buddies from college and hit up the hoops on a Saturday afternoon for some good exercise and time in the sun.

There you have it, three great ways to get back out into the sun and enjoy the summer that is coming towards up pretty quickly (if it is in Michigan, I assure you it’s coming soon). Go out and enjoy the sun with your family, friends, girlfriend, wife, strangers, whoever!

Just get outside and enjoy the sun, before you know it Fall will be rolling around the corner and winter soon to follow. Make the best of the time you have to partake in the great weather. Oh yeah and don’t forget the sunscreen!

Photo credit: Evil Erin

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