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3 Leisurely Vacation Travel Ideas

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Sometimes it is just nice to head out on vacation without a care in the world and relax. Shut off the BlackBerry, close the laptop, and disconnect from the outside world.

Even as men, we might not admit it but we do get stressed out sometimes, and it is just nice to get away from it all and relax, have a beer, and get some rest.

Here are three great ways to get out and relax, one that might catch you a bit off guard too.


Camping can be either one of the most relaxing or stressful vacations you can go on. Some people when they go camping are go go go all of the time. Other people get really stressed out without their amenities from home or the cramped living quarters.

If you have the right attitude however, camping can be one of the most relaxing ways to enjoy your time away from the real world. Grabbing supplies from Walmart, you can head out camping for less than $300 for food, supplies, tent, campground fees, and sleeping bag. The cost is almost nil, compared to staying in a hotel, etc.

Bed and Breakfast

Staying at a bed and breakfast seems like the girly thing to do, right? This is the one I said would surprise you. But it can be a surprisingly enjoyable way to stay on vacation.

The unique experience of staying in someones home along with other strangers is something you only see in movies now, like Forrest Gump. But it can be a truly rewarding experience and great relaxation while away from home.

Head to the Country

Heading out into the country, no matter where you stay can be a vacation in itself. Whether you just drive out and hang out in nature for the day and then back to work the next, the rejuvenation you feel great.

In Europe, there are places where you can rent Farms for a week (like you would a cabin the US) and I feel that is a great idea. But finding a way to head into the country, whether forest, farm land, or dessert, get out and enjoy the beauty with your significant other. Find a favorite place to go and relax when you get there.

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