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3 Amazing Bachelor Pads Out of England

As a bachelor you have the world at your feet and with the world media showcasing the rich and successful single man in his lavish apartment hitting the city every night perhaps its time to up your own game.  An enviable, fun lifestyle is something to aspire to, so keep on working hard and here are 3 stunning apartments that will blow you away and in fact if you are very successful already may well be much better value for money than that London show box that you are overpaying for. All apartments and images are from a

fantastic way to stay in foreign countries and rent from locals not Hotels. The internet is make it very easy now for people to rent from each other sell your own house, swap property easily and have much more community feeling to the market rather than needing commercial agents.

Great Eco House

Great Eco House - Austin Texas

Eco Living House in Austin, Texas Rental Price: $7,335 pm

This is a super Eco Pad from the Lone Star State that has a very odd local motto “Keep Austin Weird!” This is a great place for us creative UK’ers as its very much a haven for artists, creative web workers, musicians and lots of other funky people that will love the environmentally friendly homes and quirky local people. And indeed the beautiful perhaps inked and free spirited woman of his dreams.

This is a lovingly designed eco pad with the all-natural floors, and allergen free beds the 1930’s theme is fantastically ultra-retro. You have modern mod cons such as the massive claw foot-shower combo in the master bathroom and the plasma TV in the main open living room.

Great Dutch Apartment

Great Dutch Apartment

Villa in Kleibroek, Netherlands Rental Price: $6,043 pm

Keeping the natural theme going this awesome pad in the Netherlands has its very own king of the fish Kio carp pond that really does help set the natural earthy nature of this bachelor pad.  This great pad is just a short train journey to the world famous and mecca for the wild partying young lads out to have a good time yet also be in a very cultural environment. May we recommend the Escape club and the Five Five Restaurant a very classy night out to great place to take your new Dutch girlfriend.

This spacious rental has bike and sail boat rental to get about the city in the traditional style.

Spanish Property

Spanish Property - Get Your Place in the Sun!

Penthouse in Murcia, Spain Rental Price: $3,434 pm

Love the beach? A few rounds of Golf? And the warmer climate? Then this will be ideal for you. Spain has long been the destination for the Brut running away from the rain this penthouse apartment is a bargain and is placed on the 5 star Nicklas La Torre golf resort. There is a massive shared pool and the beaches are just down the road.

Spain has fantastic looking women and with this fantastic bachelor pad this could just be the place for you to soak up the sun and get your own senorita.  There are many UK based sites that sell property in Spain so check out what you can get but the above is a great example of how far your money can go in spain.

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