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20 Places To Make Love, Outside Of The Bedroom!

You’ve probably had your fair share of so-called out of the bedroom experiences. But for the sake of erotic exploration, we’ve come up with lusty locales you might have yet to discover.

Top 20 Places to Make Love

1. A golf course

When out on the green, take a bit of a time-out for a, errr, hole in one. Try and explore the course outskirts for an ideal thunderstorm shelter. Most of these shed-like structures are often placed in remote areas and, unless it starts pissing it down, nobody’s going near them. Your missus might also want to sport a lovely little golf skirt for easy access.

2. In front of the fridge

Kitchen action might not be new to you but the icebox is probably uncharted territory. Open the door to the fridge and sit yourself on the floor with your back against those cool shelves. Then make her straddle you. The cold air will give you both a thrill and perk you up and, if you like, food can also be incorporated into your frisky play.

3. A rowboat

Your ordinary day by the lake can easily be turned into an erotic excursion. Rent a small boat and row it out somewhere remote with no presence of people. Once you’re there, get yourselves into missionary position so you can stay low and out of view, before making some waves

4. The bonnet of your car

Put a bit of a spin on this classic romp spot by buggering off the back seat. Spread a duvet on the bonnet and have an old school shag under the shining stars.

5. A farmer’s field

Take a little challenge and make love in the tall grass by the side of the road while you are taking a vigorous spin in the country. You will be well hidden while enjoying a roll in the hay

6. On a train

Ever wanted to make love in a moving vehicle? Then a train is the perfect way to go. You’ll most likely have to pay a bit more for your own berth, but thankfully the private area can always be used as your very own exclusive affection playground. All aboard

7. On a hike

To cop off in the great outdoors without any of you two lying down in the dirt, try and locate a big boulder to hide behind and stay out of view. With her back against the rock and legs wrapped around your waist, you can let her enjoy both stand-up sex and the beautiful scenery.

8. An gym bench

If you’ve got a home gym, why not use it to work up a bit of a sweat. The bench is the ultimate balance of firm and soft and it does put her in perfect alignment for woman on top position too. Lie down, then make her lower herself on top of you and use her legs to move up and down.

9. Bathroom Floor

Yes, it’s your bathroom, so you must be fully acquainted with your own territory, so make sure it’s reasonably clean and sanitised. Doing it on the floor with her back on the carpet can also add quite a touch to the proceedings for the two of you.

10. At a Rock Concert

The teeming and sweaty frenzy of a rock concert can be just the place to get you going. By this, we don’t necessarily mean a full blown romp. Instead, an overdose of GCSE style groping might be much in order.

Top 20 Places to Make Love

11. Your Parents’ House

If you are excited by the possibility of getting caught at it, help is always at hand. Possibly the best way to spice up family gatherings is to have a quickie in your in-laws’ private chambers.

12. Take in a film

It’s dark and everyone is focused on the screen. Try and choose a film that ain’t so popular and go a bit late at night with a possibility of a near empty theatre. Find a seat in the back somewhere people won’t be able to look at you from behind.

13. Washing Machine

Your washing machine generates much more vibration than any other home appliance. When your bum’s on the lid, the spinning power is transmitted through your pelvis, effectively turning your cock into a real-life vibrator.

14. Car park

Getting off in your car in a car park gives you that right balance between exhibitionism and privacy. 😈

15. The loo

It’s so hot probably because it’s so dirty. It’s also the classic story: you meet a girl at a packed night club and get really sweaty on the dance floor with her before she drags you into a toilet and ravages you.

16. On the Plane

Making love in an aeroplane toilet is arguably the holy grail of public love-making and that’s probably why it’s almost impossible to get away with it. But maybe you ain’t got to sneak off to the toilet to have a bit of fun in the skies. Just get yourself a nice blanket, drape it over the pair of you and let your hot fingers do the walking

17.The Garage

At a mate’s party, offer to pop out for some more beer, and then quickly slip out the garage door. No one will notice you being away for 15 minutes plus you can also hide behind the car if and when you hear somebody coming.

18. Fitting room

Making love in a clothing retailer fitting room is exciting. Try and find an unattended fitting room that ain’t too busy. Tell the salesperson you’d like to go in with your missus to make sure you like what she’s trying on.

19. The Couch

If watching a sexy telly show provokes your sexual energy, stay put and never bother moving into the bedroom. Making love in the living room is really thrilling because of its spontaneity.

20. The lift

Try a goods lift. It’s got no alarm and can be stopped between floors for more privacy. Should try this when you and your missus are helping a mate move into a new flat. Try and pack the sides of the lift with lots of boxes and leave the middle clear.

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8 Comments for “20 Places To Make Love, Outside Of The Bedroom!”

  1. In your office (on the weekend when it’s empty, it’s sexy).

  2. admin

    In the office is an excellent idea :)

  3. What a fun list! Way to keep up the creativity. You’ve got a pretty full list here. I think our most exciting, and maybe the most rare, place would be that time during the long set at the college radio station…

    Established & secure couples looking to get a little extra crazy might also want to try looking into local couple’s couples, whether they perform, watch or share. Are those as popular and common over there as they are around The States? They keep getting on the news for upsetting the neighbors recently. 😉

    The Explorers Blog

  4. What a creative list!

  5. eoyohans

    over a park bench wile taking in the surroundings on the top of a hill as the day becomes darker.

  6. I have crossed of 8 out of the 20 so far….looks as though I have a little work to do over the coming months…

    For some reason the farmers field would be amazing to me and something that I never thought of.

  7. […] Here are the 20 best places to make love outside of the bedroom. […]

  8. Men's Weekly

    haha awesome list!

    I'm surprised hot tub isn't on the list

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