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20 Innovative Car Accessories

For a lot of men, the car is an extension of themselves and their homes. Aside from the pride many of us take in our rides, the fact is, we spend a lot of time in our cars.

So here are 20 innovative car accessories that can go a long way in enhancing your vehicle and your overall motoring experience.

Let’s begin with the basics and move up to the more esoteric ones.

1. Rechargeable Car Torch

We’ve all been there. One dark, rainy night, our car gives us some sort of trouble and we suddenly remember that we left our torch at home or our torch batteries went dead. With a rechargeable car torch, that will never happen again.

Here are a couple of examples:

2. GPS Trackers

This accessory is a double edged one for most men. On one hand, putting one in our car will let us know where our car is / went when someone borrowed or stole it. This is especially helpful when our significant other is using the car. BUT it also allows them to check on where YOU have been… So be careful about giving the access codes.

GPS trackers range from the simple basic tracking devices to the more sophisticated ones that can track your driving habits and allow the person tracking the vehicle to listen in on the conversation.

3. Compact Jump Starter

A dead battery in the middle of nowhere is the stuff horror movies are made of. At the very least, it’s a major pain. Keep this device in your car and you’ll never worry about dead batteries again.

4. Power Inverter

So you ran out of battery power on your laptop while computing on the road… that’s not the end of your work if you keep one of these handy. Power inverters plug into your lighter socket and product AC or mains voltage ranging from 90V to 220V. Just plug in your laptop power adapter and you’re good to go.

5. Automatic Car Sunshade

With global warming increasing daily, automatic car sunshades are de rigueur if you wish to give your climate control an easier time reducing cabin temperature.

6. Parking Sensors with camera

It used to be that a drivers skill was seen in his precision parking. But today, parking sensors have reduced parking skills to a matter of hearing beeps or watching on camera. Well it reduced the fun a bit but it has certainly reduced the number of parking lot dings and scratches.

7. Heads Up Display

Sure you can justify a heads up display to your wife using safety as the main reason. But let’s face it, the real reason for us is because it looks really cool.

8. Portable Air Compressors

Not all of us have the funds for run flat tires. Besides, high performance is still the realm of conventional tires. But who wants to change tires in a swanky neighborhood or dark alley? Keep an portable air compressor in your car and when your tire goes flat, just hook it up, plug it in and in a few minutes, you’re good to go.

9. GPS Navigation

Thanks to GPS navigation systems on cars, we are fast losing one excuse for tardiness, “I got lost”. But if your car does not have one, with the flood of aftermarket navigation systems today there is no reason not to have one so you can benefit, not only from directions from point a to b. But in many areas, the GPS system can hook up in real time with traffic servers, to give you the best route as well.

10. Remote Engine Starting Systems

There two main reasons why you might want to have remote engine starting. One is to ensure that no one planted an ignition activated bomb to your car and the other is to ensure you don’t enter either a hot car from a cool environment, or a freezing car from a toasty, warm room.

11. Radar Detectors

Innovation is needed in the radar detector realm because the law enforcers are getting pretty creative. So to avoid being mistakenly cited for speeding, its best to know when to peel off from a fast moving group. Here are a couple of the latest in radar detector technology.

12. After Market Gauges

Except for some high performance cars, most vehicles have a minimalist approach to gauges. You usually get 4: speedo, tach, gas and temp gauges. But many of us want to know more about what’s happening under the bonnet. If you are one of us then aftermarket gauges are the way to go.

13. Bodygard 5 in 1 Emergency Tools

Here is a something that you would not want to need but this falls under the “better to have and not need it, than to need it and not have it” category. This set of tools include seat belt cutter and door glass breaker, sonic alarm, red distress flasher and LED flashlight.

14. Cooler Box

Since we have on this list a couple of accessories to heat up your food, then you must have something to keep stuff cool too. Sodas, water or beer (for the non-drivers mind you) can be kept at optimal drinking temperature with the use of these cooler boxes. There are many different models to choose from and some cars even have it built in!

15. Car USB Charger

With all the gadgets we are carrying around, it certainly is not uncommon to find ourselves having to charge two gadgets but unable to do so because we need our lighter port for radar detectors or GPS devices. In response to this, there are many devices on the market today that come with at least two USB outlets for charging while leaving a lighter port available for your other mission critical devices.

16. 12V Portable Porta Pizza Oven

Ok. I guess not all of us need to heat up pizza or bread in the car. But hey, you’ll never know. So here is a pizza oven that you plug into the lighter socket and voila! Piping hot pizza!

17. Solar Powered Tire Gauge

Can’t beat the precision of a digital tire gauge. But precision means squat when your batteries go kaput. So to be able to check out those all important tire pressures, get yourself one of these tire gauges. A cool way of going green.

18. 12V In Car Microwave

Yes we had an oven earlier but a microwave is not only more flexible. It’s much cooler too. Imagine the uses you can have for it on long country drives or picnics.

Be sure to keep your battery in top shape, or have one of the compact jump starters ready.

19. Laser Parking System

Sounds like something out of Star Wars but its uses are more pedestrian than a laser sword. Install one of these gadgets in your garage and you get to park spot on every time, even after an extended session in your local pub. Keeps the wife’s car in its proper spot too.

20. Tabbert Paganini

We really saved the best for last. The Paganini is the ultimate in accessories. It’s like carrying a five star hotel suite with you wherever you go. It’s the ultimate mobile bachelors pad!

There you have it. Our list of 20 innovative car accessories for the second quarter of 2010. While having all of them would be beyond many of us, having a couple of them can make your motoring experience a much more enjoyable one.

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