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2 Exciting Adventure Vacation Ideas

mountain biking

A lot of guys love going on vacation, heck everyone does. But sometimes you need to find some real excitement on vacation. While some people prefer to relax and lay out on the beach, some people would rather go sky diving or do other adventure sports.

I am going to give you two, awesome, and easy activities to get into before you head out on a trip which you can incorporate on your leisurely vacation while your significant other lays by the pool.

Scuba diving is one of the most exciting and exhausting adventure ideas out there. It is a hard workout to swim with all of the gear on you, and it takes a lot of practice.

Luckily there are plenty of places around the country that you can take classes on proper technique and practice your scuba skills before you head out on vacation, because you do not want to waste time learning how to scuba when you are in Mexico, you actually want to be scuba diving!

Obviously you have to go on vacation that has… water and stuff in order to do this, so it is a great compromise activity to partake in when traveling with others, you can easily take a day or afternoon to do it, instead of doing it for the entire vacation.

Mountain Biking Trip
This idea takes a bit more planning, but can be an amazing experience. There are a lot of places in the Rockies and I am sure in the Appalachian Mountains as well to go on guided mountain biking tours.

The ability to cross some rough terrain and travel a lot farther than you could in a day of walking, mountain biking can be both intense and relaxing, depending on the terrain and how hard you want to go.

Ski resorts are a great place to do this, a lot of them have mountain biking trails for the summer, you can stay right on the resort, ride out for the day, come back in 8 hours and spend the evening relaxing and taking in the wilderness.

Make sure you pack or plan to have the proper equipment available for these trips if you are suppling your own stuff. It would be a shame to get 4 hours into the mountains and remember you forgot your spare tire tube when you get a flat. Prepare for the worst and enjoy the ride!

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