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10 Natural Ways To Get High

Are you one of those people who love getting high? Some say you can only get high using illegal methods involving drugs and stuff – we’re going to show you how wrong they are! Here, we show you 10 easy, legal ways to get a natural high

Get gossiping

Plenty of scientific evidence suggests that gossiping amongst human beings is equivalent to social grooming – the activity which bonds apes and monkeys.

Evidence overwhelmingly shows that this sort of behavior releases a fair amount of endorphins – natural hormones which make people feel warm and happy.

One study also reveals that gossiping is a primary need which gives us a natural high. Moreover, gossiping is absolutely essential for our physical and psychological well-being.

Many leading anthropologists also believe that human beings innately need to bond which probably explains why over 60% of all conversation is gossip.

Have sex

After orgasm – the point after which the body vigorously explodes into massively intense physical contractions – we release a couple of chemical substances into the brain, including beta-endorphins, naturally-occurring pain which give us that warm and relaxed afterglow.

Eat chocolate

Rumors have it that those craving chocolate are in fact looking for a sex substitute. This could be partly true because dark chocolate does indeed contain a vital chemical which the body converts into PEA – the very same chemical which is secreted when you fall in love.

That said, it’s noteworthy that chocolate in fact contains such small amounts of the chemical that it’s unlikely to have that much effect.

This is mainly because the feel-good factor as a result of eating chocolate is more likely to be our very own chemicals called serotonin that are boosted when we start looking forward to such pleasurable experiences as eating tasty chocolate.

Get some sun

Your mood can be affected by exposure to light. For example, sunlight in the morning is known to cause the pineal gland to reduce melatonin levels and boost serotonin levels.

Serotonin plays a vital role in keeping us awake and producing positive moods. Ideally, you should optimise your home for sunlight and get a daily minimum of 15 minutes in the sun.

Have acupuncture

Supporters of acupuncture, discovered in China nearly 3 thousand years ago, reckon this increasingly popular treatment causes the release of endorphins, the body’s naturally occurring feel-good chemical.

Acupuncture is known to ease pain using sharp needles to relax the nerves around the sensitive central pain pathways and then promote the much-needed release of endorphins.

Typically speaking, multiple needles are left in parts of the body for roughly a quarter an hour and the acupuncturist will then gently move them to intensify the effect.

Evidence shows patients who had expected promising results from the treatment were considerably more likely to get better than sceptical patients.

Listen to music

Listening to tunes that give you chills is directly related to the regions of the brain responsible for arousal, emotion and motivation. Such chills have the same effect produced by other euphoria-inducing things such as food, sex and drugs. No wonder everyone loves music that moves them.

Join a gym

Cardiovascular exercise, including cycling, running, rowing etc. ideally five times a week for about half an hour is an excellent way to release endorphins – the body’s natural feel-good chemicals that switch off adrenaline, the chemicals which lead to human stress.

Regularly exercising boosts blood levels of beta-endorphins which help heighten our mood. Other nerve chemicals, for instance dopamine and serotonin, required to produce feelings of euphoria, are also released in the brain during our exercise.

Take a risk

Whether it’s riding a roller coast or just chatting to someone in the lift, taking risks does have its handsome rewards. The amygdala, the fear centre of the brain, releases the adrenaline that enables you to reach out and talk to somebody or even to get on that crazy theme park ride.

Dopamine rewards your brain with extreme enjoyment so you want to take similar actions in future. Simply put, the scarier the risk you take, the higher the adrenaline and dopamine levels get.

Get giggling

Scientific evidence suggests that giggles can help keep illness at bay. It also shows that watching stand-up comedy can have a positive effect on ailing patients.

In fact, in research on extreme depression by a team at Oxford University, it’s found that stand-up comedy was judged to have completely cured some patients, whist others found the severity of their physical symptoms to have been halved. It’s believed that bursting into laughter can evidently release endorphins, which in turn boost the body defences.

Sensual Pleasure

Relaxing in a hot bathtub, lounging in the sun, having a massage or making love with your special someone can and do transport every bit of you to the very depths of comfort or even the fulfilling peaks of ecstasy.

If you know of any other wicked way to get high naturally, why don’t you share it with the rest of us here?


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