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10 Most Expensive Streets in the Planet

Ever wonder about the world’s most expensive addresses? In August of 2009, the Wealth Bulletin published a list of the ten most expensive streets in the world. Take a stroll through the world’s toniest addresses and get a feel for what it would be like to live on one of the costliest streets in the world.

1. Avenue Princess Grace, Monaco

Average cost per square foot: $17,750

Named after true-life fairy tale princess Grace Kelly, Avenue Princess Grace is set in one of the most famous billionaire playgrounds in the world. Whether you are an oil baron looking for some casino action or Formula 1 Grand Prix racing, or an heiress looking for a sunny place to moor your yacht, Monaco is the place and Avenue Princess Grace is the address.

2. Severn Road, Hong Kong

Average cost per square foot: $11,200

The most expensive street in this vibrant location that was once a part of the British Empire, Severn Street is the pinnacle of luxury in one of the most luxurious places in the world. Hong Kong offers many attractions for visitors and guests, ranging from beautiful beaches to the arts to Hong Kong’s unique interpretation of Disney. If you are lucky enough to own a property on the Severn Road, you could sell your property and bag yourself over $11,000 per square foot.

3. Fifth Avenue, New York City
Average cost per square foot: $7,500

The most glamorous street in the city that never sleeps is still some of the priciest real estate in the world. For the billionaire who still believes that there’s really no other place to be but New York City, Fifth Avenue is the only place to live. Virtually anything in the world can be found somewhere in the city, night or day. Shopping, food from celebrity chefs, cultural events and the cream of the entertainment world are all just a short limousine ride from your Fifth Avenue apartment.

4. Kensington Palace Gardens, London
Average cost per square foot: $7,196

Lined with grand mansions, London’s famous “Billionaires Row” resembles a street from a fairy tale. Located in west central London, Kensington Palace Gardens combines the excitement of the classiest English-speaking city in the world with the luxury of a secluded estate. London is definitely one of the most thrilling cities in the world to live in, and Kensington Place Gardens is the most luxurious address in London this side of Buckingham Palace.

5. Avenue Montaigne, Paris
Average cost per square foot: $5,076

The city of romance harbours a neighbourhood for the super rich, as well. Residences here are not as massively impressive as those of its London counterpart, but the sophisticated apartments on the Avenue Montaigne offer convenient access to the wares of fashion and jewellery names such as Dior, Chanel, Valentino, Ralph Lauren and Bulgari. Also noteworthy are the pleasures of the Seine, the views from the Eiffel Tower, a vibrant arts scene and some of the most famous works of art ever created on display at the Louvre. For the undecided billionaire, the Plaza Athénée hotel offers the chance to have a temporary address on one of the world’s priciest streets.

6. Ostozhenka, Moscow
Average cost per square foot: $3,738

Situated on the banks of the Moscow River, Ostozhenka is home to many of Russia’s rapidly increasing number of billionaires. Moscow wasted no time in regaining its world-class status after the end of the cold war, and this magnificent street masterfully combines opulence and tradition to provide one of the most beautiful billionaire addresses in the world. Shopping, fine dining and cultural events offer diversion for those times when you just need to get out of the mansion for a while.

7. Via Suvretta, St. Moritz, Switzerland
Average cost per square foot: $3,551

An ancient street located in what is recognized as the oldest winter resort town in the world, the Via Suvretta is the vacation home of some of the very richest people on earth. This Alpine village with gorgeous views is not the place for the billionaire who is trying to get away from the social scene. Famous for it’s winning combination of sunshine and skiing, St. Moritz attracts crowds of glitterati each year for the “White Turf” horse race held on the frozen Lake St. Moritz.

8. Carolwood Drive, Beverly Hills
Average cost per square foot: $2,803

This celebrity enclave located in the middle of Los Angeles is still one of the most expensive places in the world to live. Beverly Hills has been the home of countless movie stars and entertainers, as well as numerous scandals and a few fictional oil-rich billionaires since the first half of the twentieth century and its appeal shows no sign of fading. More glitter and glitz than sophistication or tradition, Beverly Hills is nonetheless an opulent pocket in one of America’s largest cities.

9. Wolseley Road, Sydney
Average cost per square foot: $2,616

Long the most expensive address in Australia, Wolseley Road is now also one of the most expensive streets in the world, as well. Of the top 100 most expensive houses in Australia, 16 are located on Wolseley Road in Sydney. Sydney, a multicultural mecca for immigrants and home of the famed Sydney Opera House, is known for its dedication to the arts and the exuberant, can-do attitude of its people, so if you are a self-made billionaire, Wolseley Road may just be the address for you.

10. Altamount Road, Mumbai
Average cost per square foot: $2,336

Mumbai is a perfect example of India’s rapid growth and development and proves that India has taken its place among the favoured residences of the wealthy. Altamount Road, in rapidly-growing Mumbai, is home to some of the most striking architecture on the list of the most expensive addresses in the world. One of the cross streets that makes up the famous Kemp’s Corner, Altamount Road serves as home base to India’s wealthiest elite, including a few famous Bollywood stars.

The world’s most expensive streets cover a wide range of climates, cultures and lifestyles, but they all have one thing in common: their residents inhabit an exclusive world where real estate costs more by the square yard than many people earn in a year each property would certainly hold a secured loan. Each of these ultra-expensive streets is an opulent jewel set in a luxurious neighbourhood and each one says as much about the culture of its country as it does about the tastes of its wealthy residents.

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